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Prague Furniture P/L is a family owned Australian Company situated in Melbourne.

Prague, under the guidance of founder and CEO Les Sutterby, began manufacturing in 1966 out of a tin shed in Ringwood.  Les remains the force behind Prague's design, developments, operations and customer service.

Due to his determination and keen eye for quality design, an awareness of the changing trends and needs of an ever growing industry, Les has created a business that offers the Australian furniture industry products that meet the highest standards both technically and for design innovation.

Use of Australasian and European components with locally designed and manufactured metal work ensures quality control is always at the forefront of each piece.

Fabrics and Leather sourced through local suppliers are used by skilled upholsterers, with sewing and hand stitching employed to exacting standards to create the fine attention to detail and quality that is the key to every piece of furniture that leaves the factory floor.